1. GameSalad

2. Stencyl

3. Game Maker Studio 2

4. Flowlab

5. Click Team Fusion 2.5

6. Construct 3

7. GameFroot

8. GDevelop

9. 001 Game Creator


9. 001 Game Creator


The software has a trial version which expires after 7 days. That should generally be enough for you to try it out but maybe not enough to invest into it. Although it's priced at 50$ (as low as 25 if on sale) it offers quite a lot beginning with the templates for all types of games that you can start from as you can see in the picture below. On top of that you already have some tiles and characters inside so you can start building from the moment you open the program.


Screenshot 1




The tutorial I worked on was a rather simple jumping game with a portal to the next level in the end. Got a  bit lost in the scripting area as the video was rather quick and done on an older version but managed to pull through.


Screenshot 3




The interface is takes a bit of time getting used to but after a while you get a hang of it and it becomes easier to use.




As usual you have all sorts of stuff to use from when scripting which looks like a tree/diagram sort of way and this works in the same way for all the characters/building blocks.


Screenshot 2




As said before the core software goes for 50$ and on top of that you can buy all sorts fof extras to use in you game development all ready to use. Buying those can quickly rack up the bill but on the other hand you can then focus on the game only while doing your own art will set you back quite a lot timewise.


Screenshot 4




You can find some testimonials on the website along with some games and additional information.




001 Game Creator is of the shelf product with a decent price that can get you started on game development as soon as you pay the bill. Do note that the graphics is not state of the art as the engine is not new but you can make some decent games. If the storyline is right then the art is not so important. If you want to dig deeper there are enough add ons to buy and you an start racking up the games in no time. Price reflects on the score but you could say that the scripting interface and the rather old art included could be updated a but after all this time.


Difficulty: 8
Literature: 8
Cost: 9
Overall score: 8