I've always been a fan of games, spending too much time playing them. But at the same time I also had and still have a lot of ideas for games that could be realized. I must say I'm not very fluent in computer programing languages and never took time to delve deep into them. So lacking that knowledge how do you make a game for windows or android platforms. Well it's 2018 and if we didn't have dedicated programs for that, it would honestly be a surpirise. So searching for those I got a lot of hits, from basic to more advanced ones depending on what you like, want, can afford and how complex you want your games to be, you can get all sorts of programs. So I made a list and over time I will go through all of them, installing and testing each one with a series of tutorials to see weather something is usefull for me, or anyone else. I will focus primerily on a bit more complex ones as I don't want it to be too simple, neither in graphics or game experience itself. I will start with Game Salad which I found first and we will see how it goes. A lot of the programs have a monthly payment pricing which will probably have an effect on final score as this depends greatly on weather you plan to make a game or two in a couple of years or trying to make some money of of it. Some are more helpful than others in this aspect and some offer a lot more while other still rely on the technology like flash so we will see. It will take some time for me to evaluate each program after which a short or a bit longer review will follow.