I feel like I have to elaborate on this whole game maker thing. I tend to rush in a bit sometime and this is one of those times. So before we go any further a bit of background:


- I don't know how to make games
- I've never made one in my life (stuff 30 years ago doesn't count)
- I am not a professional blogger
- I don't write reviews for a living
- I'm not sponsored by any of the developers of which programs I'm trying to review
- I only have basic programming skills and never full developed any programming language knowledge


So to further that, on what I'm after:

- drag&drop game making
- as minimum programing as possible (unless the learning curve is not too steep)
- simple user interface
- simple to understand the process
- as cheap as possible (free is a preference)
- 2D&3D in same software preferred


The reviews that I'm doing are not very deep as I don't have time to work out all the kinks of each program. Some options or sub components might be overlooked. Some game samples will be overlooked also. I probably won't install any of the games made by these programs until the very end of my reviews. Score might not be a reflection of the actual program as I'm looking for my own preference.


Based on this I can say:

- It will take some time to go through all (about 17 programs)
- Scores might be updated after all reviews are done
- Scores might not be according to your expectations
- Reviews might get better later on so first programs could not be represented in a same way as later ones
- I could just give up before I reach a conclusion