1. GameSalad

2. Stencyl

3. Game Maker Studio 2

4. Flowlab

5. Click Team Fusion 2.5

6. Construct
7. Game Froot


6. Construct 3


Construct 3 is again one of the web based game makers where all you need is in your browser. With that you always get the latest updates when you open it next time. The free versions has it's limits as always but of course you can go through a couple of tutorials without a problem.




Tutorial that I did is similar to the one done in the Game maker studio 2. So a top down shooter. The game was done a lot faster but there are less properties to define here as you can see in the playable version of the game below.


Link to the game




The interface is fairly simple with all the level building in the center while properties are on the left while the right is reserved for objects.


Screenshot 1




Events are what defining the objects is called in Construct. They do feel fairly simple to define but again it gets simple over time. It's a bit more intuitive to me as all the game makes are using a similar code for definition which helps in speeding up the testing.


Screenshot 2




Pricing is fairly simple with individual plans going from 8.26$ a month which amounts to 99$ a year. Not the cheapest one but at the same time not that expensive if you're making good games.


Screenshot 3




In the site showcase there a couple examples of games while in the arcade section of the site you can find plenty more examples of games made by other people. 




I think I'll start slowly repeating myself as there is not much new to say about the programs. Once again this is a good program for 2d platform games and the good thing is you can use it anywhere as it runs in your browser. Price again is based on a monthly fee which is not the best as you need to renew it and overtime it will become costly.


Difficulty: 9
Literature: 9
Cost: 3
Overall score: 6

Godot & Unity


Well this was supposed to be a review of Godot which is next on my list, but during my research I've discovered that, while Godot would be a perfect fit since it is both 2D and 3D, it's also open source and free. But the main problem is that you need to know how to code, which I incidentally don't. It used it's one programming language similar to Python. It does look very professional and is sad to do more than other drag & drop game makers can't. The options are said to limitless.


Same goes for Unity. It requires coding so at the moment both are no go for me. If I ever delve deep into the coding part of game making a review is to follow on these two or at least one.


So the reviews continue with GDevelop.


This weeks Robomafia was done a bit faster since the comic is based on repeated scenes. Still tryin to wrap my head around layers though. My pre-made backgrounds are giving me issues in a way that I'm having interference with characters. But I think I finally got around that so I should be able to copy over lines and color from now on.

S here is the link to the latest comic.



There's this guy Niko, we used to work together. He loves meatballs so every lunch break he ordered them if available. We all knew they were probably not well done and the potatoes are made of powder but he tried it anyway. So obviously every time something was wrong. And then on one of those occasions we thought all finally clicked for him but...


Niko's meatballs


So it's finally time to present to you, the COMIC SECTOR.  You might still find some errors bot hopefuly those will be fixed in the future if you or I find them at all :D

As the adventure begins I hope that I'll be able to regularly update the page with new content as that is the point of this page anyway. Also there might be some problems with the language from time to time as I just had to correct one of the comics like 3 times and some of them might just stay wrong if someone does not tell me about the error :D

I wish and hope you will find some joy in my comics and the stories they tell throughout their lives.