Godot & Unity


Well this was supposed to be a review of Godot which is next on my list, but during my research I've discovered that, while Godot would be a perfect fit since it is both 2D and 3D, it's also open source and free. But the main problem is that you need to know how to code, which I incidentally don't. It used it's one programming language similar to Python. It does look very professional and is sad to do more than other drag & drop game makers can't. The options are said to limitless.


Same goes for Unity. It requires coding so at the moment both are no go for me. If I ever delve deep into the coding part of game making a review is to follow on these two or at least one.


So the reviews continue with GDevelop.


There's this guy Niko, we used to work together. He loves meatballs so every lunch break he ordered them if available. We all knew they were probably not well done and the potatoes are made of powder but he tried it anyway. So obviously every time something was wrong. And then on one of those occasions we thought all finally clicked for him but...


Niko's meatballs


So it's finally time to present to you, the COMIC SECTOR.  You might still find some errors bot hopefuly those will be fixed in the future if you or I find them at all :D

As the adventure begins I hope that I'll be able to regularly update the page with new content as that is the point of this page anyway. Also there might be some problems with the language from time to time as I just had to correct one of the comics like 3 times and some of them might just stay wrong if someone does not tell me about the error :D

I wish and hope you will find some joy in my comics and the stories they tell throughout their lives.


This weeks Robomafia was done a bit faster since the comic is based on repeated scenes. Still tryin to wrap my head around layers though. My pre-made backgrounds are giving me issues in a way that I'm having interference with characters. But I think I finally got around that so I should be able to copy over lines and color from now on.

S here is the link to the latest comic.



While I'm preparing the second comic in the RoboMafia series, here is a bit about how it all started.

I've been wanting to draw comics like for ever but was never really good at drawing. Copying was more of my thing. So I had this scene in my head for a while which was strictly Mafia related no matter the characters involved. As this idea lingered in my head I noticed an add for a comic workshop in the area and joined it. Even before that I was slowly gathering info on how to start with this and at the workshop the idea was to simply try to create a comic on our own. So I used the sketch I already had in my head and with help from Ivan (https://ivanmitrevski.com/) I had two comics ready at the end. Since then I was working on the webpage design and preparing the ground base for a faster production of comics (more on this in future posts). Well hopefully you've already seen the result.

The idea of using robots just came to me one day as of course robots are cool and seem like a good thing to start with. But there's a catch. You've seen this theme before haven't you. And so have I. Futurama already used these theme in a couple of their episodes and now I'm afraid to go back and watch them  in order not to get contaminated by their influence :D In any case there is no way I can steer clear from the influence as the mafia theme itself is quite generic so I will be trying to reinvent at least some of it.