Today's short comic is about how we still think we know anything about our past. Even after all these years we still keep repeating the same old story and believing it without a second question. But how do we really know? If we don't improve on the theories we've made a 100 years ago or more, how do expect to make any progress as a species.


I feel like I have to elaborate on this whole game maker thing. I tend to rush in a bit sometime and this is one of those times. So before we go any further a bit of background:


- I don't know how to make games
- I've never made one in my life (stuff 30 years ago doesn't count)
- I am not a professional blogger
- I don't write reviews for a living
- I'm not sponsored by any of the developers of which programs I'm trying to review
- I only have basic programming skills and never full developed any programming language knowledge


So to further that, on what I'm after:

- drag&drop game making
- as minimum programing as possible (unless the learning curve is not too steep)
- simple user interface
- simple to understand the process
- as cheap as possible (free is a preference)
- 2D&3D in same software preferred


The reviews that I'm doing are not very deep as I don't have time to work out all the kinks of each program. Some options or sub components might be overlooked. Some game samples will be overlooked also. I probably won't install any of the games made by these programs until the very end of my reviews. Score might not be a reflection of the actual program as I'm looking for my own preference.


Based on this I can say:

- It will take some time to go through all (about 17 programs)
- Scores might be updated after all reviews are done
- Scores might not be according to your expectations
- Reviews might get better later on so first programs could not be represented in a same way as later ones
- I could just give up before I reach a conclusion

As a new Robomafia comic is out I just wanted to say that I have a couple of ideas for a short unrelated comics so I'll probably concentrate on those for the next round. For the moment I've gave up on the gallery thing as truth be told there's not many of us at the moment that follow the page and also there is not enough contect to bother with it yet. Also I need to dive deep into the issue to find a solution that is going to work for the page.

So this week it's time for the one that was left hanging in the last year. I was in the middle of it when I started being lazy. The comic is trying to show us the state of our lives these days. All we do is routinely got to work, store and basically anything we do in our lives. We never stop to really live it and this is the thing that makes all the difference.

So I'm almost there now. With this post the page will finally look like a proper one - due to blog module not displaying it in the same way when you have less than 2 posts. I've managed to fix the social bar to  the central position and am working on backgrounds for the Of Gods and Men comic. Then the front page will more or less be set.

Then the real work finally begins. If all goes well this should probably be in the next week.