When I started writing up these reviews, my list had 17 game engines. Going through I've found out some are simply discontinued, require coding knowledge or are too simple to even mention. My list was done based on an internet search and I expected to find some more programs to check before the end. As I've repeated the search now I've found additional candidates and the list is now at 40. Being overwhelmed by the amount of options I've set myself at quick searching through the titles to figure out if any of them can be removed quickly. So from here on I'll quickly mention the ones that are interesting but not attractive to me, the ones that require coding and also others that are discontinued.


Coding required:


Cocos2d - free

Corona - open source / free

Gideros Mobile - open source / free

AppGameKit - 80$

Playcanvas - Free / up to 50$ a month

V-Play - Free / up to 120€ a month (currently 30% off)

Monogame - open source / free

Superpowers - open source / free


Playcanvas is a Game engine / Rendering software which unfortunately requires coding but brings a good 3d environment to the table. It's not difficult for use and you can set up your game are pretty quick. Also building and defining objects is easy and understandable. Things start to complicate when you start scripting, of course if that is not your cup of coffee. You can use it for real time rendering applications.


Screenshot 2





Crafstudio - Free / Cooperative  game engine and educational tool

Cocoon - Html5


Crafstudio is a free game studio which uses puzzle blocks for definition and was made with collaboration in mind. At the moment it seems to be discontinued and having some issues with servers setup for p2p it's worth a mention but not sure if worth to try out. Graphics look cute and so do some of the games you can download inside the program.




Worth to mention:


These two are 3d engines primarily used to build FPS games. CopperCube is free with limitation while GameGuru costs 20$ (no trial so I had to sneak about to find it). You can buy all sorts of add-ons for GC and build virtually any type of game you want as everything is pretty much premade.


CopperCube - 3d Engine / no coding required






GameGuru - 3d Engine, no coding required


Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4


App Solute Creator -   Features: ● Creative hidden object gameplay ● Match 3, Collapse, Bubble Shooter and Snooker mini-games ● Interesting facts about the outstanding personalities ● Power-ups, achievements, collections and more.


No mentioning of any payable version but have not installed it so could be licensing from inside the program.