1. GameSalad

2. Stencyl

3. Game Maker Studio 2

4. Flowlab

5. Click Team Fusion 2.5

6. Construct 3

7. Game Froot


7. Game Froot


Well speaking of repeating myself :D. Game Froot is again a web based game maker. It looks like a combination of Construct 3 and Stencyl. Scripting or object definition is once again made puzzle way and I can say it's still quite confusing.




I made a simple clicker that can be developed with images from the site and with help from instructions. Had to read it a couple of times on occasions and some of the functions are a bit different but I made it work in the end. Was also playing around with other tutorials which show specific topics. Most of them are only available when wou upgrade though.



Link to the game on Game Froot site but no promises on it, working as I have problems making it work myself.




The interface is not too complex and you can find your surroundings quickly. Middle section is again used for laying out your levels and scripting while the left is for properties, scripting puzzle blocks and images. On the right you can have the tutorial open while you  create your games.


Screenshot 4




Game Froot uses puzzle like scripting for your objects/sprites/player/actors or whatever you want to call them after so many reviews. I can say that it is confusing as going through the tutorial does not explain why you're using a certain block so probably a lot more reading is necessary before you delve into making your actual game. The tutorial I've done is using a lot of copy pasted blocks so the work is a bit faster after initial setup.


Screenshot 3




I can say that pricing is reasonable considering the platforms you can publish too which are Web, Android and iOS. Goes for 100$ while downloading the code costs another 99$. Seems to be focused more on educational establishments.


Screenshot 1




Getting a bit more info looks to be impossible at the moment as I can't reach certain parts of the website so not even sure if the software is being developed anymore. Would guess that at least the page would be working without issues. So not much to tell about games made with Game Froot other than the ones you can see tutorials for. 




It's a decent  software but I have to note one thing. When using a browser for making your games it's very important not to clog up the memory as otherwise things start stalling and there is a lag in input. So don't go playing and making games at the same time. A bit higher score based on pricing but since I have not bought it I can't say it really delivers and some info is not available.


Difficulty: 8
Literature: 9
Cost: 6
Overall score: 7