1. GameSalad

2. Stencyl

3. Game Maker Studio 2

4. Flowlab

5. Click Team Fusion 2.5

6. Construct 3

7. GameFroot

8. GDevelop


8. GDevelop


GDevelop is an open source game maker with possibility of deployment to most of the systems. It has some similarities to Construct 3 in the "coding" part otherwise it's again a combination of all the previous programs. So really nothing new other than the user interface.


Screenshot 3




In this tutorial I once again did a top down shooter with a canon shooting at oncoming tanks. You can test it out on the following link.


Link to the game




The interface is simple with the familiar setup. Scene in the middle, objects and properties on the right. Game properties are on the left and can be hidden.


Screenshot 1




Events are what define objects in GDevelop and look similar to the ones in Construct 3. You have plenty of drop down options to choose from which should be enough for a game you're planning.


Screenshot 2




Pricing seems reasonable as you can make games for free with limits of packaging. Packaging limit extends on subscription while you get all the other options for 2€ a month.


Screenshot 4




Plenty of games can be found on their website and some of them look pretty decent. Take a look and see if any of them is up to your expectations.




Probably the cons of each software only become obvious after a prolonged usage on specific examples. But at this stage I can say that GDevelop is up there with the rest but what sticks out is the price. Since you can make the most of the game for free and start a subscription only when you're ready and need more testing. 


Difficulty: 8
Literature: 9
Cost: 7
Overall score: 8