I'm almost at the end now. All I've got left is Unreal Engine.

I've talked a bit about Unity already and while coming to the end of the review cycle, I've revisited the notion of using Unity again. Since with Unreal Engine 4 they are the leading market progrms for game making (for all that don't do their own engines) it makes sense to look at it once more. Both engines are free but the biggest difference between them is that UE does provide for a non coding way of creating a game for free. Unity has some plugins to offer beginning at around 40€. So guessing I won't be doing a tutorial on that as it costs money and judging by the comments people claim that you have limited functionality with these kits/add-ons. If you want more you need to learn coding. UE appears to be more complex but also looks to offer more. I won't start another heated discussion over which is better as the internet is already full of those. Checking some of those comments it looks as though Unity is better suited for 2d mobile games and provides that in a smaller package. On the other hand UE does offer a 2d environment although it's primarily meant for 3d game creation.


So guessing I'll try UE next and see where it goes. If I manage to get a crack at Unity also then fine if not then I'll just end it with the next review. All that is missing then is a summary of what I've tested so let's see who is going to be the winner.